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Tips for Travelling to Mykonos!

Tips for Travelling to Mykonos When you are planning a trip, it is good to know some things about the destination that you chose to travel to. Every destination has its very own characteristics and Mykonos island can be no exception. Today, we are giving out some tips for travelling to Mykonos. Book early. Might […]

Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel for couples!

Hotel for couples in Mykonos Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel welcomes couples from all over the world every year and there is a range of services made just for the two of you and accommodation that meets the romantic expectations of a couple visiting Mykonos. Today, we discover why Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is for couples’ […]

Why Visit the Island of Delos and all the details

Island of Delos The island of Delos is a small uninhabited isle a few miles off the west coast of Mykonos. In the ancient times it was considered the birthplace of the god Apollo and his twin, goddess Artemis therefore the entire island was deemed sacred. Now, Delos is an UNESCO World Heritage Monument, open […]