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Best of: The Unspoiled Beaches of Mykonos

Unspoiled beaches of Mykonos If you were to describe the island of Mykonos with just two words, then you’d probably say cosmopolitan and fabulous! Gorgeous beaches where the party never ends, vivacious night clubs, high end shops and exquisite restaurants, cafés and bars are Mykonos’ main characteristics. But it still preserves the Cycladic esprit, the […]

Alternative Activities in Mykonos island!

Alternative Activities in Mykonos island The glamorous island of Mykonos has so much to offer to its visitors apart from the vibrant nightlife and the never ending parties! Today we will go a step further to count the alternative activities in Mykonos island. The island’s beaches are gorgeous, with bountiful activities for those who seek […]

Island Hopping 2017 Update by Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel!

Island Hopping Mykonos is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Mediterranean. The vibrant beaches with the never ending beach parties, the exhilarating nightlife and the high end shops make this tiny island of the Cyclades seem like the center of the universe! Still, it is a wonderful opportunity to explore the immeasurable […]