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Let’s have a Delicious Start of the Day: Breakfast @ Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel in Mykonos!

Greek Breakfast @ Ftelia Bay Hotel!     The most important meal of the day can be the most delicious. Can the first bite of the day be the most delightful one? In Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel, we are giving a special attention to our Greek Breakfast buffet. We are having three major things that we […]

Shopping in Mykonos: The best shopping venues on the island!

Shopping in Mykonos: The best shopping venues on the island! It will be hard to resist and almost impossible not to go shopping in Mykonos! After the beaches, the nightlife and the sights, shopping is yet another experience not to miss on the island. Mykonos is a conscious shopper’s paradise as it hosts such a […]

The top Mykonos Attractions Countdown for 2017, by Ftelia Bay Hotel!

 Mykonos Attractions Countdown for 2017 The island of Mykonos needs no special introduction. It is known across the world for the nightlife and the beaches as well as the unique Aegean beauty. However, when it comes to attractions visitors feel like there are not many things to see and enjoy. This is a big misunderstanding […]

All about the Water Sports at Ftelia Bay!

Mykonos Water Sports We return to the beach of Ftelia in Mykonos to give more details about the life style of this unique beach. People, magazines and portals for travelling often refer to Ftelia as the “best destination for windsurfers and sea adventure aficionados” and they are right as the position of the Bay at the […]

The Hotel Services of Ftelia Bay: From room service to concierge

 The Hotel Services of Ftelia Bay A memorable stay to a hotel is a result of way too many things. Architecture and decoration, comfort and verandas with sea view are important but nothing compares to a warm welcome and little treat when arriving in the hotel you chose to spent your holidays. In Ftelia Bay, […]

Myconian architecture |Decorating the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel

Myconian architecture There are many things that can inspire you when creating a hotel; the Myconian architecture, the materials that nature gives to man in order to create a shelter, a home, a hotel! We are in Mykonos Island and the bay of Ftelia, where the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is located and today we […]

2 Getting married in Mykonos: All you need to know!

You found your other half? Did you choose Mykonos for your wedding? Congratulations for both decisions! Mykonos, as all the islands of the Cyclades, offer the best scenery for your wedding but Mykonos has more to offer! Let’s begin with the locations. An array of spots with view to the Aegean Sea lightened up by […]

Inside Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel

Today, we are going inside the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel to see in detail the accommodation types that we offer to our guests! Studios, apartments, suites with sea view along with budget proposals are among the hospitality categories that we have in Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel! Come along to find out and choose the ideal […]

All about the products and tastes of Mykonos!

Establishing itself as a gastronomic destination over the last years, a series of initiatives are happening in Mykonos to promote and familiarize the visitors of the island with the culinary heritage of the island.  In today’s blog post, we are taking a closer look to Mykonos products with our very own suggestion of where you […]

Ftelia Bay Boutque Hotel: Privacy and Comfort/ The facilities!

Do you love feeling comfortable during your holidays? Do you need more spaces and elegant facilities to spend your moments of relaxation in Mykonos? In Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel, we created a range of facilities to offer you the best of staying with us. Let’s discover the facilities of Ftelia Bay Boutique by simply taking […]