News: All the latest about Traveling in Greece and Mykonos.

News: All the latest about Traveling in Greece and Mykonos.

Greek Banks

You have heard the news about capital control in Greek banks and the issues regarding cash flow and money withdraw and it is quite normal to raise questions in thousands of visitors planning or already being in Greece and Mykonos for their holidays. Today we are giving you all the latest details about how is life on the island these days. Let us give you some advice concerning things the way we live them.


What happened in Greece?

The Greek Government decided on a capital control in Greek banks and limitation on cash withdraws to 60 euro per day. However, this applies only to Greek citizens and Greek bank card holders. Visitors from other countries having debit or credit cards can withdraw as much money from ATMs as they wish without any limitation.

What about the queues in bank’s ATMS?

This is something most experienced in Athens. It has nothing to do with Mykonos and other islands as people visiting the ATMs are the normal number of locals and tourists visiting them during this period of time. You might find queues but this is because it is the high season.

Should I take more money with me?

Not really. You might need them for tavernas or souvenir shops but most of the restaurants and shops in Mykonos accept debit and credit cards from foreign banks without any issue.

Can this situation affect my holidays in Mykonos?

The answer is “no” as you have access to your money all the time and by all means. The only thing you have to do is enjoy your stay in Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel and experience the thrills of Mykonos.

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