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Tips for Travelling to Mykonos!

Tips for Travelling to Mykonos When you are planning a trip, it is good to know some things about the destination that you chose to travel to. Every destination has its very own characteristics and Mykonos island can be no exception. Today, we are giving out some tips for travelling to Mykonos. Book early. Might […]

Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel for couples!

Hotel for couples in Mykonos Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel welcomes couples from all over the world every year and there is a range of services made just for the two of you and accommodation that meets the romantic expectations of a couple visiting Mykonos. Today, we discover why Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is for couples’ […]

Why Visit the Island of Delos and all the details

Island of Delos The island of Delos is a small uninhabited isle a few miles off the west coast of Mykonos. In the ancient times it was considered the birthplace of the god Apollo and his twin, goddess Artemis therefore the entire island was deemed sacred. Now, Delos is an UNESCO World Heritage Monument, open […]

Best of: The Unspoiled Beaches of Mykonos

Unspoiled beaches of Mykonos If you were to describe the island of Mykonos with just two words, then you’d probably say cosmopolitan and fabulous! Gorgeous beaches where the party never ends, vivacious night clubs, high end shops and exquisite restaurants, cafés and bars are Mykonos’ main characteristics. But it still preserves the Cycladic esprit, the […]

Alternative Activities in Mykonos island!

Alternative Activities in Mykonos island The glamorous island of Mykonos has so much to offer to its visitors apart from the vibrant nightlife and the never ending parties! Today we will go a step further to count the alternative activities in Mykonos island. The island’s beaches are gorgeous, with bountiful activities for those who seek […]

Island Hopping 2017 Update by Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel!

Island Hopping Mykonos is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Mediterranean. The vibrant beaches with the never ending beach parties, the exhilarating nightlife and the high end shops make this tiny island of the Cyclades seem like the center of the universe! Still, it is a wonderful opportunity to explore the immeasurable […]

Mykonos’ best beaches for water sports – What you can do in Ftelia Beach

Water Sports in Mykonos Mykonos prides in a great number of beaches, small, large, sandy, rocky, popular or private; most of the popular beaches are very well organized, with modern amenities and plenty of fun water sport facilities of every kind. The northern winds that often blow on the island’s coasts make its beaches ideal […]

The beach of Ftelia: Meet the beauty right at your feet!

The beach of Ftelia in Mykonos island Imagine having spent the night in one of the luxurious rooms, suites or maisonettes of the four star Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel. Imagine after a goodnight’s sleep that you are opening your window to reveal a magnificent place of remarkable beauty and grandeur. What unravels before your eyes […]

Romantic moments: weddings and honeymoons at Ftelia Bay Hotel in Mykonos!

Your wedding and your honeymoon in Mykonos Once in a lifetime events like your wedding and honeymoon, deserve the most idyllic settings, a beautiful backdrop that will enhance your experience and embellish your memories. Ftelia Bay Hotel in Mykonos is the ideal destination that can offer everything you need for the wedding of your dreams. […]

Summer 2016: Revisiting the Restaurant and the Bar of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel

Bar in Mykonos Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel in Mykonos recently underwent a rejuvenating renovation that aimed in upgrading the already remarkable facilities to a higher standard in luxury accommodation. Of course, the culinary aspect of the hotel could not be overlooked, thus the entire Ftelia Bay dining and drinking philosophy has been refreshed. Now, a […]

Explore the new room types of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel in Mykonos!

Boutique Hotel in Mykonos After extensive and quite refreshing renovations, Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel in Mykonos proudly returns for the 2017 summer with renewed spirits and a cool modern flair. A brand new lobby, a harmonious Yoga room and a spectacular pool bar with exciting new tastes, all in the fabulous location overlooking the Ftelia […]

Summer 2017 in Ftelia Bay Hotel: the first notes and offers!

2016 Holiday Season With summer at our doorstep, the Ftelia Bay hotel in Mykonos returns renovated and renewed with a fresh air of elegance and style in anticipation of the 2017 holiday season. Ftelia Bay Hotel is a luxurious 4 star Boutique hotel built amphitheatrically on the slope overlooking the tranquil beach of Ftelia, with […]

Mykonos Gastronomy: All you need to know Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel Restaurant!

Mykonos Gastronomy Constantly updated, recently renovated and always being at the centre of our attention, the restaurant of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is a place made with love and aiming to offer the best of the local and creative Mediterranean cuisine. Today we are giving you all the reasons why you should visit our  gastronomic […]

The best sunset spots in Mykonos by Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel.

Sunset in Mykonos Sunset time is probably the most looking forward time of your holidays. After endless hours of swimming, sightseeing and enjoying, the sun’s long journey to the Mykonian sky comes to its end. You will find many spots on the island to feel the power of these precious moments that fill you with […]

Chora of Mykonos: Neighbourhoods. Secrets. Must- Sees in 5 Steps!

Chora of Mykonos The gem of Mykonos is undeniably the biggest village of the island, the beautiful Chora of Mykonos! If you arrive by boat then you will have the opportunity to take the first glimpses to the white washed houses, the windmills and the beauty of one of the most picturesque points in the […]

A special event or wedding in Mykonos: What Ftelia Bay Hotel has to offer!

Q&A: Event or Wedding in Mykonos What is that you are looking for when it comes to organize an event or your wedding in Mykonos? Are you looking for comfortable accommodations? Privacy? Delicious tastes and professional service? Or is it all about a stylish decoration and the beautiful sea views at the Aegean Sea? Read all the […]

Hiking in Mykonos: one activity, many routes & feelings.

Hiking in Mykonos   People don’t really think of Mykonos as a place to be for hikers. This is probably because there are not so many designated routes and you must try to discover the beauty of Mykonos by finding your way in Mykonos hinterland and shores. Most of Mykonos visitors don’t think of spending […]

Things to do for 2-days travellers by Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel!

Short Stay in Mykonos Many people plan their visit to Mykonos every year for a different reason than holidays! Visitors of the island can stop here in between their island hopping itinerary and other are visiting just for a couple days. For those travellers in Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel today’s blog post we have some […]

Mykonos Nightlife: Venues & Cocktails

Mykonos Nightlife! Today we will talk about one of Mykonos’s main reasons to visit. One of the things that make Mykonos famous across the world. This is the Mykonos Nightlife. The famous bars, clubs where cocktails, drinks, dancing, flirting will make you forget about the time. Here in Mykonos the possibility to watch the sunrise […]

Summer Tales to Taste and Remember: The cocktails of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel!

Cocktails in Mykonos This is not yet another blog post of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel as we are about to tell you about one of our favourite things to create for our guests! We gave a lot of attention to our cuisine but we didn’t left our dishes without the first or final taste of […]

Q & A: Greek Island Hopping! Before or after Mykonos which islands to visit!

Greek Island Hopping! Greek Island hopping becomes one of the most interesting activities to enjoy once being in the Aegean Sea islands. The island of Mykonos is located almost in the middle of the Aegean and the proximity to other islands makes it an ideal choice for an island hopping starting or finishing point. Today […]

Let’s have a Delicious Start of the Day: Breakfast @ Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel in Mykonos!

Greek Breakfast @ Ftelia Bay Hotel!     The most important meal of the day can be the most delicious. Can the first bite of the day be the most delightful one? In Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel, we are giving a special attention to our Greek Breakfast buffet. We are having three major things that we […]

Shopping in Mykonos: The best shopping venues on the island!

Shopping in Mykonos: The best shopping venues on the island! It will be hard to resist and almost impossible not to go shopping in Mykonos! After the beaches, the nightlife and the sights, shopping is yet another experience not to miss on the island. Mykonos is a conscious shopper’s paradise as it hosts such a […]

The top Mykonos Attractions Countdown for 2017, by Ftelia Bay Hotel!

 Mykonos Attractions Countdown for 2017 The island of Mykonos needs no special introduction. It is known across the world for the nightlife and the beaches as well as the unique Aegean beauty. However, when it comes to attractions visitors feel like there are not many things to see and enjoy. This is a big misunderstanding […]

All about the Water Sports at Ftelia Bay!

Mykonos Water Sports We return to the beach of Ftelia in Mykonos to give more details about the life style of this unique beach. People, magazines and portals for travelling often refer to Ftelia as the “best destination for windsurfers and sea adventure aficionados” and they are right as the position of the Bay at the […]

The Hotel Services of Ftelia Bay: From room service to concierge

 The Hotel Services of Ftelia Bay A memorable stay to a hotel is a result of way too many things. Architecture and decoration, comfort and verandas with sea view are important but nothing compares to a warm welcome and little treat when arriving in the hotel you chose to spent your holidays. In Ftelia Bay, […]

Myconian architecture |Decorating the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel

Myconian architecture There are many things that can inspire you when creating a hotel; the Myconian architecture, the materials that nature gives to man in order to create a shelter, a home, a hotel! We are in Mykonos Island and the bay of Ftelia, where the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is located and today we […]

2 Getting married in Mykonos: All you need to know!

You found your other half? Did you choose Mykonos for your wedding? Congratulations for both decisions! Mykonos, as all the islands of the Cyclades, offer the best scenery for your wedding but Mykonos has more to offer! Let’s begin with the locations. An array of spots with view to the Aegean Sea lightened up by […]

Inside Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel

Today, we are going inside the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel to see in detail the accommodation types that we offer to our guests! Studios, apartments, suites with sea view along with budget proposals are among the hospitality categories that we have in Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel! Come along to find out and choose the ideal […]

All about the products and tastes of Mykonos!

Establishing itself as a gastronomic destination over the last years, a series of initiatives are happening in Mykonos to promote and familiarize the visitors of the island with the culinary heritage of the island.  In today’s blog post, we are taking a closer look to Mykonos products with our very own suggestion of where you […]

Ftelia Bay Boutque Hotel: Privacy and Comfort/ The facilities!

Do you love feeling comfortable during your holidays? Do you need more spaces and elegant facilities to spend your moments of relaxation in Mykonos? In Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel, we created a range of facilities to offer you the best of staying with us. Let’s discover the facilities of Ftelia Bay Boutique by simply taking […]

The first season’s bite

The first season’s bite: Gastronomy at Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel! The restaurant of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is the place to visit while staying in the hotel. You will probably enjoy your first breakfast in Mykonos here but there is more to be discovered and of course tasted and enjoyed. The chef and his team […]

Top 10 Reasons: Why Stay at Ftelia Bay in Mykonos!

The beauty of the island of Mykonos is undisputed. Every beach on the island has a distinctive character and every corner of this famous Mediterranean island offers a unique allure. The beach of Ftelia stands out for several reasons which we are exploring in our blog spot today. So why choose staying at Ftelia beach […]

Delos Island Mykonos

Welcome to Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades. According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. And did you know that the island took its name from the grandson of Apollo, “Mykonos”? Set out on a journey to discover a […]