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Summer Tales to Taste and Remember: The cocktails of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel!

Cocktails in Mykonos This is not yet another blog post of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel as we are about to tell you about one of our favourite things to create for our guests! We gave a lot of attention to our cuisine but we didn’t left our dishes without the first or final taste of […]

The Hotel Services of Ftelia Bay: From room service to concierge

 The Hotel Services of Ftelia Bay A memorable stay to a hotel is a result of way too many things. Architecture and decoration, comfort and verandas with sea view are important but nothing compares to a warm welcome and little treat when arriving in the hotel you chose to spent your holidays. In Ftelia Bay, […]

Myconian architecture |Decorating the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel

Myconian architecture There are many things that can inspire you when creating a hotel; the Myconian architecture, the materials that nature gives to man in order to create a shelter, a home, a hotel! We are in Mykonos Island and the bay of Ftelia, where the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is located and today we […]