The first season’s bite


The first season’s bite

The first season’s bite: Gastronomy at Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel!

The restaurant of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is the place to visit while staying in the hotel. You will probably enjoy your first breakfast in Mykonos here but there is more to be discovered and of course tasted and enjoyed. The chef and his team are creating daily little, tasty miracles with passion and love.

We are paying a lot of attention and spend quite some time every season to decide and create a menu that will take on a gastronomic journey from the shores of Ftelia bay across the Mediterranean and the world. A world of tastes and feelings made for the guests of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel.

We love combining traditional recipes with modern, delicious trends, mix local fresh ingredients with original Greek herbs, offering the best fresh fish, meat dishes with a twist, as well as vegetarian options full of taste. Our suggestions for wine and intriguing cocktails are completing the gastronomic experience in Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel in Mykonos.

We will return with more information and gastronomic news for the 2015 summer at the restaurant of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel. Meanwhile find more details at