Tips for Travelling to Mykonos!

Tips for Travelling to Mykonos

Tips for Travelling to Mykonos!

Tips for Travelling to Mykonos

When you are planning a trip, it is good to know some things about the destination that you chose to travel to. Every destination has its very own characteristics and Mykonos island can be no exception. Today, we are giving out some tips for travelling to Mykonos.

Book early. Might sound reasonable but you have to take into account that Mykonos is a top holiday destination across the world meaning that if you wish to find exactly the accommodation of your choice you have to book early. Check the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel for the offers and the added values at

Money & Payments. ATMs are everywhere on the island of Mykonos, at the port and airport, but is highly advisable to have some cash with you. As for credit cards and debit cards, they are acceptable in most places, especially stores and restaurants but if you go to a bakery or a traditional tavern, it will be better to pay in cash.

Internet connection. Generally, it is easy to connect on the internet all over Greece whereas the hotels and restaurants provide free internet connection to their customers.

Essentials. Travel light is yet another advice since your camera, swimwear, beach accessories, good sunglasses and sun cream as well as after sun nutrition are the things that you must definitely have in your bag everywhere you go!

Season. If you are travelling during spring or autumn, have a light jacket with you as at night-time you might feel a little chill.

Driving. You might be surprised by the driving habits of Greeks and people that are on holidays. So, be extra careful as ATV and bikes might emerge from everywhere. Also, be careful about signage as some times can be poor.

Language. English is widely spoken all over Greece and in Mykonos so you won’t face any communication problems, if you can use even the basics of English language.

Shops & Restaurants. Shops in Mykonos are open almost all day long and stay open until very late at night. Most of the restaurants open at lunch time but make sure that you made reservations for you dinner.

Those are some essential tips for your travelling to Mykonos. For more just click on!