Top 10 Reasons: Why Stay at Ftelia Bay in Mykonos!

The beauty of the island of Mykonos is undisputed. Every beach on the island has a distinctive character and every corner of this famous Mediterranean island offers a unique allure. The beach of Ftelia stands out for several reasons which we are exploring in our blog spot today. So why choose staying at Ftelia beach during your holidays in Mykonos? Simply because…

1.       It’s close to the Town (Chora) of Mykonos. Just 4 km away from the centre of Mykonos’s Chora, the bay of Ftelia is easily accessible by car, motorbike or a quad.

2.       It has a unique landscape. The bay of Ftelia is relatively different to the beaches of Mykonos. The combination of the impressive rocks, the sandy, golden shore and the crystal clear waters create a beach scene like no other on the island of Mykonos.

3.       It’s in a unique location. The bay of Ftelia is a secluded summer paradise on the north part of the island not meant to be discovered by the thousands of the island’s visitors but for those who wish to enjoy in the fullest the Greek summer.

4.       It is the best beach for water sports. The north winds blowing frequently on the beach are making Ftelia the must- go beach for windsurfers, kite surfers and all water sports aficionados.

5.       It’s organized but also has free parts. The beach of Ftelia is mostly unorganized but you will find sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as beach bars and restaurants.

6.       It has a distinctive allure. The beach of Ftelia feels more bohemian and has an allure that will make you feel welcome and ready to relax in the sandy beach while you are enjoying the sun.

7.       The people. Ftelia Bay is preferred by an interesting array of people visiting Mykonos; apart from windsurfers, locals, people who don’t like the crowds, celebrities and generally people who want to enjoy just swimming and relaxing at the sun.

8.       An important archaeological site is nearby. At Ftelia was found the Neolithic settlement that archaeologists believe that is the tomb of Iliad’s hero, Ajax.

9.       For the genuine environment. Ftelia beach has it all; free beach parts along with smaller organized ones, the best weather conditions for water sports while offering seclusion and beauty to its visitors. It also has an archaeological site close by, as well as one of the most interesting accommodation proposals in north Mykonos.

10.   Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is found on the area. Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel’s visitors enjoy the view to the Aegean Sea along with the impeccable services, the beautiful facilities, the sophisticated tastes for holidays in a unique spot on the island of Mykonos: the Ftelia Beach. For more information just visit: www.fteliabay.gr.